The Oil in Water content monitors and alarms manufactured by Inventive Systems are currently being used by over 350 different companies, in more than 40 different countries. More than 2600 units have been installed worldwide. The following is a list of some of their oil in water monitoring applications.

  • Bilge water discharge monitoring –
    All ships over 400 gross tons are required by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to monitor bilge water discharges.
  • Fuel oil storage tank area drain systems –
    Generally all hydro-carbon storage facilities.
  • Storm water runoff –
    The U.S. EPA requires that all storm water runoff be monitored for certain selected manufacturing facilities and activities.
  • Ground water reclamation sites –
    Especially around old fuel storage and old transformer sites.
  • Power plant and boiler condensate and cooling water reclaiming systems –
    Especially those with integral oil coolers.
  • Desalination plant intake monitoring –
    Used extensively in the Persian Gulf region.
  • Water discharge into municipal water treatment systems –
    Most municipal water systems either do not allow or apply a surcharge for oily water or grease discharges in excess of 15 parts per million(ppm).
  • Engine cooling water monitoring –
    Oil in engine cooling water will plate to the inside of the cooling systems and cause hot spots and engine damage.
  • Effluent monitoring –
    After an oil-water separator.
  • Water storage lagoon for rolling oil effluent from an aluminum mill –
    In fact any rolling mill.
  • Power plant effluent
  • Oil well process water discharge
  • Fuel transfer station rain water runoff
  • Oil reclamation system discharge water
  • Emergency oil recovery vessels and vehicles
  • Food processing plants where oils are present
  • Textile factory
  • Aircraft and truck washdown facilities